Kangertech Products

Kanger or Kangertech is a popular brand of e cigs and vaporizing accessories from Shenzhen, China. They gained fame for their EVOD batteries and cartridges and also for their tanks, the Protank and Aerotank especially.

Main competitors like SMOK, Innokin, and Horizon also hail from this location: a huge center for technological research and production. Here is some more information about the company and their products which are available from many authorized retailers around the US and globally.

Kangertech Goals

Kangertech is among the first e cig firms to come out of China dating back to 2007: almost a decade ago. They focus on innovating products in this field when they can which has made them popular around the world.

Their standards are high which is why they have risen to the top. Kanger and their products comply with RoHS, CE, and ISO 14000 expectations. While the initial focus was low-tech batteries and tanks with replaceable coils, they have since emerged as a mod-making leader.

Kanger NEBOX


The NEBOX is a TC/VW device but compact in spite of all it offers. This is an all-in-one mod like the Joyetech eGrip suitable for Ni200 or Titanium coils and holding up to 10 ml of e juice which is phenomenal.

That is possibly the biggest tank out there. Output is up to 60 watts. Choose blue, red, black, or white and don’t forget your removable 18650, high-drain battery which is not included.

KBox 200W TC

Kanger KBOX 200W White

The 200W KBOX is also useful for TC (temperature control) vapers who want the option of switching between variable temperature and wattage. Kanger’s newest PCB supplies protection and supports a resistance range from 0.05 ohms and up. Add two batteries and recharge them by USB or outside the box. A USB port allows you to update firmware later on. The temperature range is 200F to 600F as seen on the LCD screen inside a zinc alloy and aluminum frame.

The KBOX 70W TC Mod

KBOX 70 Colors

If 200 watts is too much power for you, the KBox 70W TC is a good compromise but still capable of 600F. Change watts through a range of 7 to 70 and apply Nickel or Titanium atomizer coils. The lowest resistance you can have is 0.1 ohms: really low basically.

To put it in perspective, 1.8 ohms (like something you’d find on an Aerotank) was once considered very low. Read the LCD display to find out what resistance the PCB has detected or to read alerts about low resistance or low voltage.

The built in 4000-mAh battery is charged by USB. As a comparison, the KBox resembles a 100W TC iStick by Eleaf with the two rounded, ergonomic sides (probably housing the batteries) and a strip down the front featuring buttons and your screen. The biggest difference between them is that the batteries in a 100W TC iStick by Eleaf are removable.

Subvod Starter Kit

Kanger SUBVOD Starter Kit

This cylindrical device comes in several bright colors and would be great for a female who finds the box mod format too masculine and industrial. Most high-output mods are boxes but not the Subvod. A 1300-mAh battery powers SOCC (organic cotton) coils in a 3.2-ml atomizer tank. The airflow valve supplies superior control of a high-tech but low-profile system. At just 18.5 mm wide, it’s a small unit providing 0.4-ohm minimum resistance and several safeguards: overheating, overcharge, and low-battery warning or protection.


Kanger Toptanks

The Subtank series contains 3 tanks: A Mini, Plus, and 3.2-ml Nano which is the smallest one. It’s still a sub ohm tank with airflow control but small enough for compact systems whether made by Kanger or other manufacturers (think of the iStick 40W by Eleaf, for instance).

It comes with two stainless steel organic cotton coil heads (SSOCC) and measures just 18.5 mm: perfect for the Subvod. Kanger’s cotton coils ensure pure vapor because they are made from organic, high quality material. Experience authentic flavor from top shelf e liquid so long as your tank is clean and cared for.

Classic Kanger EVOD Starter Kit

Kanger E-vod Starter kit

The Subvod is based on this early Kanger classic, the EVOD, which has spawned many copies, most notably the VaporFi Pro. There is the flush button style (as opposed to a slightly raised button) giving the battery a sleek look and a smooth feel.

Tanks for the EVOD hold up to 1.6 ml. Turn it on and off with a single button but pressing it 5-times quickly. More advanced systems provide power, up, down, and mode switches but this is as simple as they come.

A kit with two 650-mAh batteries, two clearomizers with replaceable coils, five 2.2-ohm LR heads, a charger and adapter usually costs in the area of $45. Shop around if a kit costs more than that. EVODS also come in several colors and a larger size.

Flavor and vapor production are good and these are easy for new vapers to get the hang of. A lot of consumers start here and work their way up to VW devices rather than bothering with cigalikes.

Kanger EMOW

Kanger EMOW

This is a larger version of the EVOD. An EMOW’s battery supplies the same power as a Subvod (1300 mAh) but is a variable voltage option ranging from 3.7V to 4.8V. The tank features airflow control and dual coils plus a spring-loaded connection.

It works with many types of tanks including Aerotanks and Protanks but the one that looks best is supplied in a starter kit and is the same width (16 mm). In other words, it’s midway between an EVOD and a Subvod size wise.